Wednesday, December 5, 2012

CEO Message

At the last Town Hall meetings I reported that I would do a brief bi-weekly blog update as an additional step to keep the staff informed of activities within our medical center.

First of all thank you to those that attended the Town Hall meetings. Attendance was very good and participation reflected your interest in what is going on at Research Medical Center. As always there are a few items that come to me in these meetings that prompts discussion and changes for improvement.

We recently completed a very successful JCAHO survey. The surveyors commented throughout the survey how impressed they were with how you handled tracer interactions, employee engagement on performance improvement initiatives, and also reported several “best practices” they witnessed from the staff. They are going to report out some of the best practices at the annual meeting with the HCA executives in Nashville; so you made us all look good!

As we approach the holiday season, it is always appropriate to be reflective on the year we are closing out. All in all 2012 will go down as an outstanding year for Research Medical Center. Quality metrics across the board are improving and at the top of their class, patient volumes are high, and we will meet our financial targets for the year. Areas for improvement are significant and will be a major focus of your management team. Those include employee engagement, physician satisfaction, and patient satisfaction. While we did not go backwards from the previous year in these areas, we either did not improve or continued to be inconsistent. We have good information from these surveys and a strong and engaged management team so I am confident and excited about focusing on improvement in these three areas next year.

In my next blog among other topics I will discuss the Magnet journey we are on. Feel free to e mail me topics you would like me to cover in these blogs.

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